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Get Your Complimentary HOME Valuation!

I'm sure you are aware that the value of your home changes over time. The valuation tool below will allow you to receive a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) specific to your property, in relation to today's market.                                             
how much is your home worth?
Did you know...Homes prices are at their highest level in YEARS? If you really want to know what your home will sell for in today's market place, please accept my Complimentary Home Evaluation. 

It will provide useful information in these areas:

*Determining Your Homes Value 
*How the Value of Your Home is Assessed.
*Understanding Your Homes Valuation.
*Obtaining a Professional Appraisal

  Home Selling Rule #1 

Price It Right!

There is a "Fair Market Value" for every property in the marketplace, which means the value of your home has already been Pre-determined by the market. The price that you ultimately select to list your home for is NOT going to change that value…it's only going to affect the amount of time your home remains on the market. Sell your home for more money in less time. Price It Right!

4  easy strategies to selling a luxury home.

  • Grabbing the attention of likely buyers.
  • Doing something more interesting than a standard open house.
  • Creating awesome photos, then showing them effectively.
  • Staging with lifestyle touches.

Grabbing The Attention Of Buyers:

As your Estate specialist, it's my job to attract as many serious buyers to your property as possible. One way I do this is by asking the seller a very simple question; what will they miss most about their home? Their answers will most often provide a way of marketing the home by using the very features that persuaded the owner to buy it themselves. 

If a spectacular view is a favorite feature, it can mean an evening party with drinks and appetizers on the deck or whatever is needed to reach the high net-worth individuals who can buy these high end properties, by presenting them with a lifestyle they want.

Traditional open houses can serve a purpose, but with Luxury Properties, the odds that it will sell from an open house is rare.
A better, high end alternative -- throwing a party or special event where agents and potential buyers are invited -- this will always trump any traditional open house. 

To attract the right clientele, I will routinely have invite-only cocktail parties and generally incorporate a fun theme, whether it be a wine and cheese party or even having acrobats.The aim and end result will hopefully be something exciting that leaves the buyers having fun and still remembering the property.

Creating Awesome Photographs:

It's not so much the camera or equipment that makes for quality presentations, it's the person behind the lens. With Luxury properties, I may spend several thousand dollars to hire an architectural photographer who is trained to shoot for magazines and will take more time, and produce photos that are more polished.

In large markets, it's common for brokerages to have staff photographers and even third-party photo firms specializing in real estate are offering levels of service. FYI-One of the key ways to select a listing agent is to view how the agent has treated past listings on the Web and in brochures and ads.

Staging With Lifestyle Touches:

The purpose of staging is to de-clutter, redecorate and to impart the lure of living there. For instance, If staging a pricey home on a golf course, I may highlight the lifestyle with golf clubs tucked into a corner of a mud room and other golf-themed touches.

Conversely, for a mid-price home in a suburb, where the lifestyle attraction is soccer and Little League teams, a well-organized garage, with sports equipment neatly displayed can be an effective enticement. 

If you are thinking of selling your home, please contact me. I would love to help you net more in less time and the least amount of hassle.

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